Using Parsec

Brief Battles - Parsec online multiplayer guide

A quick guide on how to setup and use parsec to enable online multiplayer for Brief Battles.

1. Things To Keep In Mind
  • First simply download the Parsec software and run the executable, the installer will ask if you want to install controller support, click yes to this.
  • Next create an account and login.
  • You can add friends by their Parsec user name, they will need to install the software and create an account if they don't already have one.
  • The player intending on hosting the game will need to enable hosting in their Parsec client.
  • Guests can connect by either clicking on the friend who will be hosting and then clicking "Play", or the host can invite people by sharing an invite link.
  • When everyone is connected the host can simple run Brief Battles either via steam or the DRM-free executable and the game stream should be visible to everyone connected. Players can now use their controllers to send input to the host and play the game.
  • For more setup tips visit
  • Host should turn off fullscreen and run in a 1080p borderless window if possible, this improves framerate on guest machines reduces input lag
  • Reducing the resolution in Brief Battles will also improve the framerate on guest machines
  • If inclined you can rent a cloud computer to run brief battles to take the load off one machine having to be the host
  • Sometimes parsec will throw and error 6023, this is generally to do with your firewall blocking parsec from connecting and port forwarding might be required to enable a connection. more detalis here


  • Parsec is super easy to set up and you can be playing in minutes.
  • It allows multiple connections to the host so you can have full 4 player battles in Brief Battles.
  • Has great controller support for many common controllers e.g. (Xbox, PS4, Generic) infact we every controller we've tried has worked.
  • It's free